Slurry Suction Hose

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                Slurry Suction Hose

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                Slurry suction hose
                ZEBUNG Rubber Dredging Hoses are purpose built to the special requirements of our clients. We are in the position to build hose sizes ranging from 100 mm ID to 2200 mm ID. Our designers will select the most appropriate materials from a wide range of products available to us to meet service requirements and the demands requested by our clients i.e. in regard to wear resistance, pressure ratings, tensile strength, bending capabilities and other parameters.
                In general the ZEBUNG Rubber Dredging Hoses consist out of an inner lining which can be adjusted to meet the specific requirement of the transported medium. Wear indicator layers can also be implemented in the lining of the hoses which transport abrasive medium.

                Slurry Suction Hose Slurry Suction Hose

                Armoured discharge hoses are used on dredging line, suitable for transporting sharp, large and heavy stuff such as coral reef, grit and weathered rock. With build-in wear resistance metal, inner layer have good performance of wear and flexing resistance.
                Specifications can be designed by customer requirements.

                Inner diameters up to 1300mm, various lengths and pressure ranges.
                Pipe wall thickness range: from 15mm up to 100mm.
                Abrasion-resistant and bending –resistant.
                It is convenient to install, flexible to use and safe.
                Working angle:?0° to 45 °
                working temperature:?-20°C to 50 °C

                Hose Diameter:?200mm-1100mm
                Flange diameter:?340mm-1550mm
                Flange thickness:?25mm-65mm
                Inner wall thickness:?12mm-45mm(can be customized)
                Hole on flange:?8-36
                Hole diameter:?22-36mm

                Our mission
                We strive to be the best fluid and power convey company in the world.To make our products?not only outperform industry standards; but also exceed our customers’ demanding expectations.

                size I.D W.P. length
                8inch 200mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                10inch 250mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                12inch 300mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                16inch 400mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                20inch 500mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                24inch 600mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                26inch 650mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                30inch 750mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                32inch 800mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                34inch 850mm 15bar~20bar 11.8m
                NOTE:ID900mm&1200mm,other parameters are by your requirements

                Floating tubing BV certificate

                Floating tubing BV certificate

                Underwater tubing BV certificate

                Underwater tubing BV certificate

                BV ISO9001:2015

                BV ISO9001:2015

                Own film production base

                The quality of film directly determines the quality of hose. Therefore, zebung has invested a lot of money to build a film production base. All hose products of zebung adopt self-produced film.

                Slurry Suction Hose

                Multiple production lines to ensure production progress

                Our factory has many modern production lines and a large number of experienced technical engineers. It not only has high quality production quality, but also can ensure the customer's requirements for the supply time of products.


                Each pipeline product is subject to strict inspection before leaving the factory

                We have established a high-tech product and raw material testing laboratory. We have been committed to the digitization of product quality. Each product needs to go through a strict inspection process before it can leave the factory after all product data meet the requirements.


                Covering the global logistics network and strict finished product packaging and delivery process

                Relying on the distance advantages of Tianjin port and Qingdao port, Beijing Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport, we have established a fast logistics network covering the world, basically covering 98% of countries and regions around the world. After the products are qualified in the off-line inspection, they will be delivered at the first time. At the same time, when our products are delivered, we have a strict packing process to ensure that the products will not cause losses due to logistics during transportation.

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