Rubber Lay Flat Hose

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                Rubber Lay Flat Hose

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                Tube: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, black color.
                Reinforcement: High tensile textile cord .
                Cover: NR & SBR synthetic rubber,smooth or wrapped surface, black,yellow,red available.
                Working temperature: -20°C—80 °C

                Rubber Lay Flat HoseRubber Lay Flat Hose

                1. Resistance to abrasion, corrosion,heat and aging Lightweight, tough,durable and long service life.
                2.Rolls up flat is easy move, retrieval and handle.
                3. Lightweight, tough,durable and long service life.
                4.Easy extend to longer length with hose coupling and clamp.
                5.Designed for discharge of water and conveying cement. Irrigation, drainage,sprinkle and water supply applications on farmland and construction site
                6.suitable for light duty watering applications and water wash down.


                Anti-aging synthetic rubber
                Weather and ozone resistant
                Excellent abrasion resistance
                The inner rubber can be designed as high wear-resistant rubber, which can meet various construction sites.

                Research & Design
                1.Engineering and Design: we have an engineering and design team that is constantly developing new solutions to offer our customers.
                Youan Li
                Chief Exclusive Officer
                Youan Li?joined ZEBUNG as Chief Executive Officer in Sep 2016 after spending the entirety of his career in the rubber area,where he has held senior leadership positions at some of the state-owned 's leading industrial enterprise.

                2.Our mission
                We strive to be the best fluid and power convey company in the world.To make our products?not only outperform industry standards; but also exceed our customers’ demanding expectations.
                3.OEM & ODM is feasible

                1.All hoses are manufactured in our own plant with ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management systems.
                2.NBR Food hoses are suitable for use with food process FDA required.
                3.ZEBUNG Marine Hose have been approved the OCIMF-GMPHOM 2009 certificate by BV for the single carcass floating oil hose and submarine hoses.
                4.Patent For Rubber composite soft pipe of conveying LPG, LNG and severe corrosive chemical solvent
                5.Self-heating antistatic oil hose


                Own film production base

                The quality of film directly determines the quality of hose. Therefore, zebung has invested a lot of money to build a film production base. All hose products of zebung adopt self-produced film.

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                Multiple production lines to ensure production progress

                Our factory has many modern production lines and a large number of experienced technical engineers. It not only has high quality production quality, but also can ensure the customer's requirements for the supply time of products.


                Each pipeline product is subject to strict inspection before leaving the factory

                We have established a high-tech product and raw material testing laboratory. We have been committed to the digitization of product quality. Each product needs to go through a strict inspection process before it can leave the factory after all product data meet the requirements.


                Covering the global logistics network and strict finished product packaging and delivery process

                Relying on the distance advantages of Tianjin port and Qingdao port, Beijing Capital International Airport and Daxing International Airport, we have established a fast logistics network covering the world, basically covering 98% of countries and regions around the world. After the products are qualified in the off-line inspection, they will be delivered at the first time. At the same time, when our products are delivered, we have a strict packing process to ensure that the products will not cause losses due to logistics during transportation.

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