Dock Cargo Oil Hose

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                • 50m Dock Oil Hose

                  50m Dock Oil Hose

                  Dock /Cargo oil hose ? Application Dock oil hose is designed for maximum service life in petroleum product and refined fuel transfer at up to 300 PSI service pressure. This dock hose design is beneficial where a higher working pressure or a heavier wall for abrasion is desired. Dock hoses are heavy duty suction and discharge hoses designed to transfer between bargers, storage tanks and marine vessels. These hoses incorporate a specially formulated tube to resist media to 50-100% aromatic cont...
                • 11.8m Dock Oil Hose

                  11.8m Dock Oil Hose

                  Dock /Cargo oil hose Dock Oil Transfer Hose Construction: Tube:?Black,smooth,Nitrile synthetic rubber,suitable for up to 50% aromatic content. Reinforcement:?Multiply heavy duty synthetic tire cord supported with helix wire, anti-static wires. Cover: Black, wrapped finish, synthetic rubber for high abrasion , ozone & weather resistance. Ideal Temperature:?-40℃ to +100℃( 180℉) Safety factor:5:1 Dock Oil Transfer Hose Characteristic: C/W built-in flanges with one side fixed and one side swi...
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