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                Hebei Zebung rubber technology co., ltd.

                2004-2011? Strength accumulation period


                * Self floating dredging hose and marine oil hose officially put into operation

                * The Muti-functional uhmwpe chemicla hose which trasports 98% of chemicals, solvents and corrosive developped successfully.


                *Zebung new factory put into services


                *Zebung was rated as a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise in Hebei Province


                * Zebung acquired the ISO90000 certification of Bureau Veritas.

                * Zebung was invited to participate in the Russian National Petroleum Exhibition?


                * Zebung was invited to participate in the Guangdong international Marine Equipment and Marine Energy Exhibition

                * Cooperating with Ocean Engineering Research Institute of the China University of Petroleum to become theirs practice production base.

                * Invested more than 2 million yuan to add testing equipment to improve product quality.

                * Adjusted product structure, redefines development direction, and the company's products are moving towards the middle and high-end market.


                *Mixing Center was completed and put into operation

                *Obtained a number of practical invention patents

                *Recognized as a B-level enterprise in environmental performance rating by Hebei Province

                *Obtained the safety mark certificate for mining products

                *Won the certificate of A-level R & D institution in Hebei Province




                about us


                * Zebung obtained BV certification for single Carcass Marine Hoses

                * Rated as a high-tech enterprise

                * Absorbed as a member of Hebei Rubber and Plastic Industry Association


                * The brand “ZEBUNG” was awarded the title of "Hebei Excellent Brand" (3A)

                * Zebung was rated as a high-tech small and medium-sized enterprise in Hebei Province by the Department of Science and Technology of Hebei Province


                * Obtained BV certification for double carcass marine hoses

                * A number of papers have been accepted by authorities

                * Test building and apartments went into service

                * Expanded 13,000 square meter production plant went into service


                After more than 17 years rapid development,ZEBUNG act as a technology leader enterprise. ZEBUNG’S registered capital rising to ?59 million ?, staff over 150 employees, 10 scientific research personnel, 3 senior engineers, more than 120 sets of production equipment.

                ZEBUNG’S main products are: large-dia marine oil hose (submarine oil / floating, semi-floating oil / dock oil hose / STS hose ); large diameter dredging hose (floating dredging / Short dredging delivery hose); industrial rubber Hose - FDA food hose / UHMWPE chemical rubber hose / hydraulic oil hose / tank truck hose / sandblasting hose / concrete hose / steam hose / fuel oil hose and so on. All products have obtained BV ISO9001: 2015 international quality system certification. Currently ZEBUNG have Approved by BV - OCIMF standard GMPHOM 2009 certification for marine hose and FDA certification.

                "Boutique" is ZEBUNG's work standard, "Integrity" is ZEBUNG's brand cornerstone, "first-class" is ZEBUNG's goal, ZEBUNG always adheres to "reliance on advanced technology and talents to create enterprises by highly management and service " We try our best to promote the development of the hose industry and contribute all our strength.

                Underwater tubing BV certificate
                Floating tubing BV certificate
                SOC of 24'' 雙胎體漂浮油管BV證書(水?。? itemprop=
                SOC of 24'' 雙胎體水下油管BV證書(水?。? itemprop=
                DN600水下管證書(水?。? itemprop=
                BV ISO9001:2015

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